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About Us 

We have a passion for bringing out the best in people through the reinforcement of their positive skills
Prior experience in various sectors of the secular and the pastoral spheres including:
  • Marketing
  • project management
  • Business management
  • pastoral care 
  • Mental Health
Through our experience, we have met lots of people who have great life and business potentials but sadly they are not fully using their talents to full capacity because of emotional barriers.
We have decided to merge my various skills and use them for business consulting services.
Our business approach is to work with individuals and organisations who have met with life barriers yet recognise that with the right support and coaching, they and their people can channel their untapped energy and succeed in the right way to achieve a better outcome or goal.
I intend to use my skills and experience to guide them towards the full attainment of visions.
The coaching gives the client a very good idea of what they should be doing and the strategy to achieve the aims.
The counselling therapy sessions is meant to enable our clients work through any emotional barriers to their success.
We employ listening skills, evaluation tools and talking therapy to guide my clients into self- realisation and progress.
The support is tailored towards the unique needs of each clients.
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